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Welcome back listeners! It’s been awhile! I have Kelsea Warren on the show who started off as a client of mine, and now I’m thrilled to have her as a guest on the podcast. Kelsea is a workplace well-being coach and consultant. Her mission is to enhance employee well-being through awareness education and action around […]


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August 8, 2023

Designer Talk with Michelle Marie

Michelle is a friend and colleague (co-worker?) I met in the design space. She’s the owner of Michelle Marie Studios, and as a brand and website designer, she specializes in ShowIt websites (but she also loves logo designs too!). She’s worked with many different types of clients in all industries. In this episode, we’re talking […]


michelle marie

May 30, 2023

May 23, 2023

LIVE Interview: Starting a Biz vs. Scaling – What Each Stage Looks Like, Different Challenges, and MORE!

I did this podcast with Jocelyn Berding, an Austin-based recruiter. She asked me and Ann Wilson to come on her show! A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners go through a lot of the same things, but we don’t talk about it. Someone else’s story and challenges may be just like yours, and sometimes it’s […]


jocelyn berding ann wilson

Entrepreneur Struggles: Mental Health, Structure, and More with Ryan Gallego

Ryan Gallego is the founder of Media Pouch and co-founder of Pouch 6 Studios. After feeling unfulfilled in his corporate career, he launched his company 5 years ago and never looked back.  What do you do when you go from having structure and security through a 9-5 job to becoming your own boss and having […]


ryan gallego

May 16, 2023

May 9, 2023

How I Used to Operate My Business vs. How I Operate Now

Today’s episode is a bit of a spinoff from last week’s episode with my friend Ellen, where we talked about how to operate your business from a masculine and feminine approach. In this episode, I’m peeling back the layers and elaborating a little more. I’ll share how I used to operate my business, and how […]


how i used to operate my business vs how i operate now

Operating Your Business from a Masculine/Feminine Energy with Ellen Tsai

What does running a business from a state of feminine energy flow look like? Live from an actual podcast studio, I have Ellen Tsai on the show! Ellen is a process and mindset architect and life & business consultant. After 10 years in the corporate sphere (a super masculine energy-dominant space), she started her own […]


ellen tsai

May 2, 2023

April 26, 2023

Building a 2 Million Dollar Agency and Having to Rebuild & Start Over with Mark Drager

Today I have Mark Drager, and in this episode, we’re getting tactical about how to build an agency (and build a business in general) and how to deal with the hustle burnout. Mark Drager founded his creative production company in 2006, grew it to a little over $2m in annual revenue, and then slowly watched […]


mark drager

Life Lately: Business, Relationships, and What’s to Come for 2023

The new season of Coffee with Courtney is HERE! It’s been awhile since I’ve released an episode! But I have a lot to share and I’m excited to dive into this episode and update you all on recapping 2022 (better late than never!), and what 2023 is going to look like for me in business, […]


courtney marie

April 26, 2023

August 16, 2022

How to repurpose content like a pro with CJ and Yash

I’m super excited to bring you this episode! Recorded IN PERSON with my friends CJ and Yash, this episode is a long one, but it’s a good one. We’ll talk about content repurposing, which these guys do very well, and I wanted to bring them on to share their expertise. They’re going to share some […]


Facebook ads: what you need before you start with Mayorca Young

How do you know when you’re ready to start Facebook ads? My guest this week is Mayorca Young, owner of Mayorca Digital, a Facebook Advertising Agency specializing in Facebook ads and sales funnel strategy. Her agency helps online coaches and course creators scale their offers, increase their impact, and grow their email list on autopilot.  […]


mayorca young

August 9, 2022

How to DIY Your Brand



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