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How I Used to Operate My Business vs. How I Operate Now

Today’s episode is a bit of a spinoff from last week’s episode with my friend Ellen, where we talked about how to operate your business from a masculine and feminine approach. In this episode, I’m peeling back the layers and elaborating a little more. I’ll share how I used to operate my business, and how I evolved to the way that I operate it now. My hope is that by sharing this journey, I will be able to help others navigate their own energy in how they run their businesses and their lives. 

When I first started, I was in a scarcity mindset and built my business from a “hustle” mentality, and being a perfectionist, I always wanted things to be perfect. I had to learn how to stifle my shiny object syndrome and focus on the task at hand, and quite honestly, I didn’t like most of those “unsexy” parts of running a business. My business picked up, which was great, but it was pulling me. I couldn’t keep up. I worked 7 days a week, sometimes upwards of 14 hours a day. I let my business completely take over. Now, I have boundaries. I work Monday-Friday and I shut down by a certain time a day, and I prioritize my health, sleep, and fitness. 

I used to be rigid and structured and batched in my content, now there’s more room and freedom for creativity and much less structured. I went from starting in a scarcity mindset to operating in a space of abundance and less pressure. I’m much more laid back, I am regulating my emotions better, my energy is different, and I overall just feel lighter. 

Grab your cup of coffee and join me as I talk about:

  • How I went from being scattered, overwhelmed, and hustled, to balanced and composed
  • How to set effective business boundaries
  • Creating systems to reduce the overwhelm
  • Answering your questions from instagram


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May 9, 2023

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