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Operating Your Business from a Masculine/Feminine Energy with Ellen Tsai

What does running a business from a state of feminine energy flow look like? Live from an actual podcast studio, I have Ellen Tsai on the show! Ellen is a process and mindset architect and life & business consultant. After 10 years in the corporate sphere (a super masculine energy-dominant space), she started her own business and has been able to discover how to bring feminine essence and energy to business.

What does masculine and feminine energy mean?

Similar to yin/yang energy, masculine and feminine energy live in all bodies and in all types of people. Masculine energy represents logic, drive, action, doing, structure, and containers, whereas feminine energy represents emotion, intuition, spirituality, play, laughter, flow, and being dynamic and sometimes chaotic. The theory is that masculine energy is the container of feminine energy; if you think about it like a riverbank, the bank contains the river and the river flows in the direction that the bank contains for it. 

Once Ellen adapted these principles in her business life, her love life, and in her relationship with herself, she’s been able to live a more abundant and free life.

People Pleasing

People pleasing is really common. Courtney started as a people-pleaser, but since she’s developed boundaries and lengthened her service contract. People will only respect you if you respect yourself, and that self respect means setting boundaries that not everyone agrees with. For Ellen, people pleasing meant often asking people who they wanted her to be. A lot of people say yes to too many things that they don’t actually want to do. When you’re able to put boundaries around your energy and your time, that’s a form of saying no people-pleasing. 

Grab your cup of coffee and join us as we talk about:

  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy
  • How to be productive while working from home
  • How to set boundaries as a business owner


Connect with Ellen:

👉🏼 Website: ellenbtsai.com

👉🏼 LinkedIn: Ellen Tsai

Connect with Courtney:

👉🏼 Instagram: @courtneymarie.me

👉🏼 Website: courtneymarieco.com

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May 2, 2023

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