Founder & CEO

A little backstory of how Courtney Marie & Co. was born...It all started after working at Kajabi and meeting so many course creators, I realized there was a gap in the market of helping entrepreneurs with the backend tech side of their business.

So I put out some feelers and started doing freelance work for 6-7 figure entrepreneurs while still building my fitness business.

I had no idea at the time... 

I was sitting on a skill/talent that I hadn't really tapped into since college. Yep, I went to school for advertising/pr and design but wanted to pursue personal training after I graduated.

As time went on, task after task, I found out I really loved designing something that helped bring my client's brand to life and also helped make them more money. There was a light that went off and I knew this was my path and I needed to lean into it.

Hey, I'm Courtney,

Fast forward a year later. . .

I decided to use my background in design, marketing and business to niche down and really focus on building brands and websites that convert.

One project after the other, the business grew and what was once a one woman show is now an A+ team helping business owners bring their brand to life! That's when Courtney Marie became Courtney Marie & Co. (super original, I know haha)

Our goal is to create a beautiful yet strategic brand/website that helps you sell more courses and book more clients. Ready to upgrade your brand/website?

Fun facts about me

Favorite tv show:

a. Friends
b. Grey's Anatomy
c. Vampire Diaries
d. All of the above

GO-to outfit:

Favorite vacation spot:

book that impacted your life

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Workout of choice

2 truths and a lie:

a. Jeans and t-shirt
b. Yoga pants and cropped hoodie
c. Maxi dress
d. Shorts and a tank


a. I grew up on a farm
b. I've traveled to 35 states
c. I tried out for American Idol

a. Lifting weights
b. Yoga
c. Running
d. Group Classes

INFJ, Enneagram 1, dog mom, chips & guac lover, podcast junkie

Owner, Designer

Project Manager

Traveler, sushi lover, movie fanatic, INFJ and cherry coke kind of girl

Enneagram 6, INFJ, crazy cat lady, beach bum, halloween queen

Virtual assistant

Yogi, plant obsessed, matcha lover, INFJ, beach for days, cat mom

Junior designer

Meet the team

Quality | Efficient | Innovative | Fun

our values

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