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Entrepreneur Struggles: Mental Health, Structure, and More with Ryan Gallego

Ryan Gallego is the founder of Media Pouch and co-founder of Pouch 6 Studios. After feeling unfulfilled in his corporate career, he launched his company 5 years ago and never looked back. 

What do you do when you go from having structure and security through a 9-5 job to becoming your own boss and having no structure or plan whatsoever? When you’re first starting out, how do you even start getting business? How do you cope when your mental health is suffering? What advice does Ryan have for entrepreneurs?

If you’re going through something, chances are, someone else is going through the same thing, so why not talk about it on this show? In today’s episode, we’re talking about the struggles we go through in entrepreneurship, whether you’re first starting out or you’re 4-5 years in.

Grab your cup of coffee and join us as we talk about:

  • Ryan’s journey to entrepreneurship
  • How to stay motivated as an entrepreneur
  • Techniques to cope with anxiety and deal with your mental health
  • The struggles of entrepreneurship
  • The future of the creative industry in the online space


Connect with Ryan:

IG: @ryangallego0 

Media Pouch:

IG: @mediapouch

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/mediapouch 

Pouch 6 Studios

IG: @pouch6studios

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/pouch6studios

Connect with Courtney:

👉🏼 Instagram: @courtneymarie.me

👉🏼 Website: courtneymarieco.com

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May 16, 2023

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