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Is it too late to get started on Tiktok? My guest this week is Rebeca Simon! Rebecca is a Virtual Service Provider Coach and the founder of The Success Society, a corporation that has helped hundreds of women build, launch, and scale their online service-based businesses. She leads and teaches virtual assistants (VAs) and online […]


rebecca simon

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August 2, 2022

How to set yourself up for a successful launch with Sarah Hagstrom

Growing up an only child in a volatile home, Sarah Hagstrom survived trauma by learning to bring order to chaos, even though it resulted in a slew of mystery illnesses, digestive issues, and chronic pain. What began as a coping mechanism eventually became the greatest gift and led her to the doorstep of the wellness […]


Sarah Hagstrom

July 26, 2022

July 19, 2022

How to build a team with Tatiana O’Hara

Tatiana O’Hara is a corporate operations leader turned Team Operations Coach. She helps entrepreneurs truly become the CEO through effective team building and delegation. Her signature program, Grindaholics Anonymous, has transformed dozens of businesses! Are you micromanaging? Sometimes we have to take a step back and do what’s uncomfortable. Look at your business as a […]


tatiana o'hara

Showing up unapologetically YOU with Jordan Gomez

I’m so happy to welcome my friend and colleague, Jordan Gomez on the podcast this week! Jordan (affectionately known as J.Go) is a health and confidence coach who helps women step into their most confident selves. Jordan helps her clients show up unapologetically, step into their confidence every day, and set goals that align with […]


jordan gomez

July 12, 2022

June 15, 2022

How to use SEO to grow your business with Ryan Moreno

Get your notebook ready, you’re going to want to take A LOT of notes for this episode! I’m so excited to welcome my friend Ryan Moreno on the podcast this week to share his expertise on something that plagues so many entrepreneurs out there… SEO!  Ryan is a Florida-based SHOWIT SEO specialist and online tech […]


how to use seo to grow your business with ryan moreno

Squarespace pros and cons with Andrea Merrill

Continuing with our website mini-series, this week I have my friend Andrea Merrill on the show! I met Andrea on Clubhouse (hands up if you remember the Clubhouse boom), and I’m so excited to welcome her to share her expertise with Squarespace!  Andrea is a brand and website designer and SEO strategist. She loves helping […]


squarespace pros and cons with andrea merrill

May 24, 2022

May 10, 2022

All things Kajabi with Andy Ortega

This week’s episode is a replay from when I interviewed Andy Ortega, a Solutions Consultant for Kajabi. Andy and I used to work together at Kajabi, and today, we’re going to dive DEEP into why Kajabi is so great and why it’s truly my favorite platform. What is Kajabi? Founded about 10 years ago, Kajabi […]


All things Kajabi with Andy Ortega

Choosing the right website platform for your business

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve released a new episode, so thank you for your patience! Sometimes we need to take time for ourselves, and all you entrepreneurs can empathize with the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship and needing to step back every now and then. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and burnout are all […]


May 3, 2022

April 12, 2022

How a website can help scale your business

Today’s episode is the first in a series of several episodes that are going to dive into websites! I’m really excited about these (I am a web designer after all!) and I’m hoping to cover all facets of websites: how they can help your business, how websites can help you scale your businesses, SEO, looking […]


how a website can help scale your business

Leaving corporate to build a 6-figure business with Ellen Mackenzie

Ellen MacKenzie is a corporate escapee turned 6-figure social media strategist and coach. She’s based in New Zealand and recently celebrated two years full-time in her business. In this episode, we’re going to talk about everything instagram, how Ellen started her business, and how she was able to build a 6-figure business with only 3,000 […]


Ellen MacKenzie

April 5, 2022

How to DIY Your Brand



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