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How to use the Enneagram for your business and relationships

What can the enneagram do for you? How can learning the languages of the enneagrams make you a better communicator in your life and in your business?

I’m so excited to have Tracy O’Malley on the podcast this week! Having Tracy on the show is so special to me because she was actually my life coach during a pivotal moment in my life, and I’m so grateful to have had her. She changed my life, and I know she’ll change yours too. 

I had so many requests to do an episode devoted completely to the enneagram, so here it is!

Grab your cup of coffee and join us as we talk about:

+ The framework of the enneagram

+ Explaining the cores, wings, centers of intelligence, and core motives of the enneagram types

+ Understanding what motivates each type and how you can best communicate with them

+ Using the enneagram to improve relationships

What type are you? Are you a 1 like me, an 8 like Tracy, or something else? How are you going to use the enneagram in your life? 

February 8, 2022

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