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Leaving corporate to build a 6-figure business with Ellen Mackenzie

Leaving Corporate to Build a 6-Figure Business with Ellen Mackenzie

Ellen MacKenzie is a corporate escapee turned 6-figure social media strategist and coach. She’s based in New Zealand and recently celebrated two years full-time in her business. In this episode, we’re going to talk about everything instagram, how Ellen started her business, and how she was able to build a 6-figure business with only 3,000 followers on instagram.

Ellen is a self-proclaimed serial side-hustler and always had both an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the internet, even as a teenager with a blog. After feeling burned out and miserable in her corporate job, she discovered social media management, and after building a side hustle and experiencing what that life could bring her, she finally left the safety (and the misery) of her corporate job and never looked back. 

Grab your cup of coffee and join us as we talk about:

  • Making a plan to leave your corporate job
  • Is debt a good thing or a bad thing? Rich mindset vs. wealthy mindset
  • The ins and outs of starting a social media management business
  • How to grow your instagram account

Are you stuck on the corporate merry go round and you’re ready to get off? It’s time to start making a plan. You’ll be glad you did.

April 5, 2022

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