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for the entrepreneur who needs custom design done aSAP


You have a project you need help with and want to skip the line

Your website has gotten you so far but in order to get to the next level you need a high-end luxe website that speaks volume and is a HECK YES to your ideal clients.

you're in the right place if

vip experience baby!

Get more smaller projects done all in one day
Skip the waitlist and get your project done sooner
One day with my full attention & support for your business
Quick turnaround time

Why choose a VIP day rate over regular rate?

Services to choose from

brand refresh

Need branding without the extras? Let's create a brand that gives you the basics (logo, colors and fonts) so you can stand out.

website touch-ups

Need to update your website? Create a list of what you need done and I'll go through it in order of priority. (Kajabi and Showit)

Landing/sales page

Have a launch coming up or need a landing page quick? I'll provide copy templates and create/build out the design (Kajabi and Showit)

social media graphics

Want custom graphic templates to use for your social media? We'll go through which kind of templates you need and I'll create designs to help you stand out!

seo research

Need help updating your website SEO? I'll research keywords in your industry and add them to your website to help increase Google traffic. 

need something else?

If there's something else you need help with design-wise, let me know and I'll tell you if we can do it or not based on the project details/time.

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Book a call

We'll have a quick 30-minute call to go over your business goals and project details to see if it's a good fit.



Yay! We'll send you your onboarding email with what we need from you before our start date.


kick off call

We'll start your project with a kick off call to go over the strategy for your project for us to get a clear direction.



Once we have your design ready we'll send them to you for your feedback and make edits accordingly.


launch day

Woo! We'll make your website live and send the final deliverables in your off boarding email.


Our Seamless Design Process

1 vIP day with me (project(s) of your choice)

kick off call to go over project details

Design Deliverables Based On Project

1 Refinement Cycle

trainings & post project Tech support

Starts at $1800


apply to work together

what's included

how is this service different?

Frequently Asked Questions

what's included

What if i'm not sure how long my project will take?

how does payment work?

how does it work?

can you do template customization for a vip day?

If you have another question that you don't see here, please email us at

Our other services require more time, details and back and forth since they're bigger projects and have a longer waitlist. This is a solution to still get certain design projects done faster for you to start using for your business, launch, etc. You get to skip the line but still get the quality service!

If it's a good fit we'll book your VIP day and I'll have you complete any materials needed before our scheduled day. We'll then do a kick off call the morning of before I start working on your project(s). We'll communicate through Voxer throughout the day to get your feedback as I work. I'll then send all the final deliverables to you by EOD that same day so you're ready to launch!

VIP days are customized to each clients' project needs. You can choose from the list of options above or we can go over your goals together and figure out next steps.

Yes! This depends on the project details and how many pages you need done.

No worries. We can hop on a call to see if it's a good fit and see how much I can get done in one day. If we need to add on another day we can.

A 50% deposit will be due to reserve your VIP day and the remaining will be due before I start your project. There will be extra fees for any cancellations or pushbacks to respect those who didn't get a spot.

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Not sure which option is best? Let's chat!

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