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How to set yourself up for a successful launch with Sarah Hagstrom

Growing up an only child in a volatile home, Sarah Hagstrom survived trauma by learning to bring order to chaos, even though it resulted in a slew of mystery illnesses, digestive issues, and chronic pain. What began as a coping mechanism eventually became the greatest gift and led her to the doorstep of the wellness industry and plant-based nutrition. 

After marrying her college sweetheart, Peter, the power couple spent nearly a decade cracking the code on how to build a transformational wellness business to serve thousands of individuals. 

Nearly a decade later, Sarah has built a multi-six figure global business helping go-giver Health Coaches rapidly scale to 5 figures per month, without sacrificing sanity or profit.

In this episode, we’re talking about how you can set yourself up for a successful launch, whether you’re offering a coaching program or a course. 

Grab your cup of coffee and join us as we talk about:

  • How long should your launch be?
  • The different steps you should be taking in your launch
  • Pros and Cons of running a launch-based business model
  • Common launch mistakes and how to avoid them

Before you launch, get clear on what you’re selling!

When launching a program or a course, get clear on the transformation and the promise of what you’re selling, the objections your ideal client may have, and the mindset that your ideal client needs to have in order to sign up to work with you. Once you’ve narrowed all of that down, create your social media content around it. When it comes to social media content, when they’re first starting out to launch their program, many coaches and course creators don’t speak to the mindset that their ideal client has and the objections they may have.

Communicate with your audience

Don’t spend time creating your program alone! Get your audience and your community involved. Ask them for feedback along the way, show them what you’re doing, and they’ll get excited and want to be a part of it. Resist the urge to be perfect! You don’t need to have it all figured out and done perfectly before you talk about it or share it with your audience. 

How much should you be charging?

Finally, even if it’s your first launch and your first program, don’t undercharge. The amount of money you’ve made so far in your business doesn’t matter. What does matter is the impact and the transformation you can have on your ideal client. Coaches and course creators have this mindset where they charge less because they think it will get more people in. But here’s the thing: your first few launches will likely have the same amount of people in them. Charge more from the get-go, because it’s more work than you may think it’s going to be. You’ll be happier that you did! 

As a special bonus, Sarah and I are going to be doing a giveaway! One lucky listener is going to get Sarah’s Launch, Coach + Grow course and my instagram story templates free! We’re hooking you up and setting you up for success! Check for the details on our instagrams!

July 26, 2022

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